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The Benefits of Hiring a Construction and Remodeling Specialist

Kimball Construction pioneered the “strengths based teamwork” model. The entire team works together to achieve one goal, the best possible project with the best possible value for our clients! We do this better than anyone else in the Eugene, Oregon area. We have been able to create a pre-set schedule for each type of job. Gone are the days of the endless remodel project, we show up on time and we leave on time. When you combine our great teamwork with the efficiency of our systems, the results are clear: “Well Built, Under Budget”

-Roman Anderson, Owner of Kimball Construction


Here are a few of many projects we have completed for our customers. We provide a professional service
which includes consultation, free estimate, design, supply of materials and installation.


  • "This company is the best, the owner is very wonderful and very caring. I have a special needs little girl and they were very caring and understanding about her needs. I have a BIG list of other work that I plan on having them do for me to upgrade my Commercial and Residential for her needs."

    — Michelle E.
    — Eugene, OR
  • "We worked with Kimball Construction for a Shower Remodel and two Fan Installation and they did a great job, they even last minute helped us with another rush project that was unforeseen. Thank you!"

    — Lynsey T.
    — Eugene, OR
  • "We worked with Kimball Construction for a Shower Remodel and two Fan Installation and they did a great job, they even last minute helped us with another rush project that was unforeseen. Thank you!" Lynsey T. Eugene, OR "It was very easy to work with your team. They always arrived on time. Never wasted any time. Very efficient. Everything was done in a timely manner and any request we had were fulfilled. Thank you for making the remodel so easy."

    — Marge B.
    — Eugene, OR
  • "We worked with Budget Builders for a Shower Remodel and two Fan Installation and they did a great job, they even last minute helped us with another rush project that was unforeseen. Thank you"

    — Lynsey T.
    — Eugene, OR
  • "I hired Budget Builders to do a complete remodel of my kitchen. I had used them previously on a bathroom remodel that went very well. I needed someone who was familiar with the challenges of an old mobile Commercial and Residential and who could hire excellent electrical and plumbing subcontractors who would also work within my approved budget. My 1971 mobile Commercial and Residential still had the original kitchen cabinets, two layers of damaged linoleum, original plumbing, aluminum wiring, and 7 foot ceilings. Cabinets, counter-tops, and wood flooring were not part of the bid and were purchased separately. The kitchen is 14' x 14' with excellent window light and a very poor working design. Roman Anderson and his team worked with me to create both a small, more efficient kitchen and a desk/computer "room" all within that 14' x 14' space. They had to build a dividing wall to separate my "office space" from the kitchen, cut a larger arch shaped opening from that room to the living room and build a small entrance wall to give a finished look to the work room. The front of the room was for the 22 kitchen cabinets that they installed and added hardware. The sink was moved from the back of the kitchen to under the front windows, in effect replacing all my old plumbing; the design left room for a standard free-standing 30" stove (yet to be purchased) as well as a 36" double door refrigerator. They over-saw the work of the electrician who had to rewire the kitchen and living room wall and bring everything up to code. Budget Builders had stripped off all the old trailer paneling; installed additional insulation in the wall; put up sheet rock, then mud, sanded and finished the sheet-rock. They installed all the counter tops as well as using the counter tops to create an L-shaped desk in the office-space. For the finishing touch they installed oak laminate flooring in the kitchen, living room, hallway and master bedroom. All this took only 5 days!! They were prompt every morning, staying late when necessary and cleaned up after themselves every evening. They were very considerate regarding any inconvenience to me when they had to turn off the water or turn off the lights and with keeping my cats inside (almost). Very professional and pleasant to have in my Commercial and Residential. One very important task that Roman does is to work with the customer on the budget. When we first planned this project I told him I couldn't go over $5000. Our initial estimate, with all the bells and whistles, was for $7400. Roman worked many extra hours on identifying those tasks that could be eliminate or that I could do, with some of my limited house repair skills that would bring down the price. For example, we had an expensive item in putting the sink and base cabinet under a window that was 6 inches too low. The estimate for moving the windows to accommodate the cabinet was over $1500 and was very labor intensive. So Roman came up with the idea of putting the cabinets and counter back splash in front of the windows with a backing to the back splash that could be seen from outside to match the front of my house. The overall look from the outside turned out exceptionally well and it looks like it is part of the house and we stayed with my budget of $5000. Thank you, Roman. I have worked with contractors on three kitchen remodels. This was by far the most organized, efficient and pleasant experience of them all. They worked with me to allow me to do some of the demolition (yeah!) and the finish work such as painting and caulking to help cut down the price; I love doing this as it gives me a sense of ownership. There was one minor incident in that one of my cats got out. This poor p**** is 14 years old and has been an indoor cat all her life. It happened when it was raining heavily one day and everyone was working including the electrician and plumber, popping in and out of the house. Budget Builder team has always been very careful with my cats, always watching the doors or checking with me to verify that the cats are "locked-up", but the subcontractors were not as diligent. I found her after 24 hours of walking the neighborhood and calling. Everyone was very upset and concerned; I understand that the electrician was spoken to about the incident. I think if we had noticed her absence earlier in the day I would have had all the fellows searching for her. But it ended well. This group of people are always so accommodating when I have one of those "can we change this?" moments. They frequently make the correction, so long as they can fit it into their schedules, which is a good thing as we have had some surprises given the age of the the aluminum wiring. I am also impressed that their work is warranted and they are fast. They started on the Monday of Thanksgiving week. Worked Monday thru Wednesday, returned on the following Monday and were finished Tuesday....5 days!! and I had a new kitchen, wall-to-wall wood flooring and stayed on budget. I very strongly recommend Budget Builders for any remodel you need.”

    — Leah Blackburn
    — Eugene, OR
  • "My wife and I obtained several bids for a deck replacement but it was Roman who gave us not only the best bid but a sense of confidence. He explained the time line and work project which was met to a tee. The crew was extremely efficient and careful of the plants and shrubs which had grown to maturity around the old deck. They cleaned the driveway and did not leave any evidence that they had been there.Their work was of professional quality and I could tell that they took pride in what they did. I highly applaud Budget Builders, Roman and his fine team.”

    — Steven H.
  • "He was extremely good in his line of job.”

    — Tamar Mooe
  • "Kimball Construction was excellent. Professional, qualified and thoughtful service. We will use them again.”

    — Ron Verzuh
  • "Bobby did a great job. This is our 2nd time doing our kitchen. Bobby did excellent, on time, prompt and a quick worker. I would give him a 10 on everything.”

    — Nick Sams
  • "Roman and his crew worked well, allowing me to participate in the project, too. They turned a garage/woodshop into a clean office space with excellent insulation and protection from the elements. It is beautiful, well lit, and warm now. The total project cost less than expected. This company has integrity.”

    — Tara Moore
  • "I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys again for the amazing job you all did on our kitchen. It is truly a dream come true for us and I still can't believe that it has finally become a reality for us! From the first day we moved into this house, we had thought about Construction and Remodeling the kitchen but never thought we'd have the money to do it just how we wanted it. I imagined tens of thousands of dollars and months of construction and strangers in our house invading our privacy.I'd heard horror stories from friends and family of remodel projects like that so I assumed that was the norm.But then we came across Budget Builders. From day one, everyone on the team was extremely helpful, professional and went above and beyond our expectations. Roman, you are an excellent project manager because you could easily sense our indecision on certain things and were quick to help us make the best decisions for our project. There were so many things to pick out and it got overwhelming at times.I'm glad you were there to lend a helping hand with a lot of those things. Another thing that is very notable is how quickly it all came together. To be honest, I was a little skeptical when you told us that the whole project would be done in under 2 weeks! But lo and behold, things started to take shape very quickly and my faith in your crew grew by the minute. When I told friends and family that we would have our new kitchen by Thanksgiving (which was exponentially easier and more fun in the new kitchen!), EVERYONE was incredibly surprised! I told them we had an amazing group of guys that could make it happen And of course they did! I know our house has it's many issues and that was one of the really wonderful things about the Budget Builders crew. Challenges came up left and right and they were able to quickly think of thorough, sturdy and smart solutions that were not just quick-fix band aids. The work they did was very high quality, unlike the work done by wCommercial and Residentialver originally did our kitchen. I also especially love that you guys were able and willing to put Todd's glass into the tile floor. You have no idea how special that is to me. I look at the cabs every time I walk over them and am so incredibly proud to have something so personal and custom made in our kitchen like that. Also, I was very appreciative of the crew cleaning up at the end of the day. That was something I wasn't really expecting but was a very helpful at the end of the day! When I saw the before and after pics on the Budget Builders Facebook page, it was a reminder of how much of a dramatic change our kitchen went through. You guys were able to take the worst room in the house and turn it into a masterpiece. We will continue to sing your praises and, of course, call on you for all of our remodel needs. I'm so glad we chose Budget Builders for our kitchen because I highly doubt anyone else would have been able to do it as quickly, as high of quality, and to our specs as you guys! I can't say it enough. THANK YOU!!!”

    — Marlena and Todd K
    Springfield, OR
  • "Kimball Construction took out our entire kitchen and replaced everything from the floor to the ceiling. The existing ceiling was re plastered. All work was completed in a timely fashion. There were a couple small details that we requested they come back and redo and they were taken care of immediately. We are 100% satisfied with the quality of work and their material. Each and every person that entered our Commercial and Residential showed us the utmost respect, were courteous and made us feel that what ever we wanted they wanted also. Make sure you research all possible quality of appliances and material including cabinets, lighting, and flooring. These are your choices and Budget Builders will work with you on the best places to purchase them. We changed our minds several times before they were installed.”

    — Mike Temple
  • "When Roman arrived at my Commercial and Residential to give an estimate on a kitchen remodel I was very nervous related to a recent bathroom remodel nightmare. Roman immediately put me at ease with his professional manner. He listened to what I wanted done and gave insightful ideas with my favorite theme "money saving". Romans goal was to get the job done well and keep it budget friendly.¬† He also emphasized that his company was based on earning a five star review. Roman encouraged me to take financial control of the project by having my son and I do the demolition phase of the project. After getting several more estimates including Budget Builders I emailed Roman asking him to do the project because his estimate was by far the best one. He advised me that this would not be another nightmare remodel, that his job was to take the "nightmare out of it". He and his team of experts did just that.The guys who finished our demolition and repairs created perfect and clean lines for the next phase. The electrician spent time perfecting where each light, outlet and switches were to be placed. He even gave me a much needed porch light. The drywaller created perfect walls and even learned a new way to texture that would match my other walls and on a sad side note he helped my son bury his cat who died while I was at work. Roman than spent many patient hours modifying cabinets I bought used with fantastic results. Then came the floor. It is gorgeous. What an amazing team of guys. If you are thinking about hiring Budget Builders don't think about it just hire them. They are fantastic. You will love the results and the price tag. I have the kitchen I have always dreamed of having and could not of had with any other contracting service. They have my five star review and more if I could give it.”

    — Anne Heim
    — Springfield, OR
  • "I called and talked to Roman, he sent out Floyd and Gerry. They were AWESOME. We needed some work done quickly (moving in), and they came that evening, and were ready to start the work the next day. Their quote was terrific, so whereas usually we'd get three quotes before doing any work, we gave them the job on the spot. They came the next morning and had the work completed lickety-split. They are professional, knowledgeable, kept the house clean (well, as clean as is reasonable given the work they were doing!), and kept in communication with us all the way. They even made some recommendations for how to do things better. We LOVE the results, and have already recommended them to friends. Top notch, ten stars. Ask for Floyd and Gerry!!!!!`}` Couldn't have been better! We called, had a response within hours, and the work was done right away. We could not be any happier with the entire experience.”

    — Ellen Nelson
    — Eugene, OR
  • "WOW! Kimball Construction just completed a kitchen face lift for me, I can't think of enough nice words to say about this company, they went over and above,... ”

    — Barbara C
    — Junction City, OR
  • "They were very efficient at getting their job done. They knew exactly what they needed to do.”

    — Celeste Timberlake
  • "Bottom-line: Roman, was an invaluable asset in evaluating, estimating and executing on this entire Commercial and Residential project - even before breaking ground! Expectations have been exceeded and it would be a pleasure to work with Budget Builders on any future projects." I cannot express how happy I am with the work that was done for us by Budget Builders. Roman was thoughtful, communicative, and very effective as the Project Manager. Roman worked tirelessly in creating the final kitchen/exterior rendering, proposal, and estimate. Additionally, Roman was very supportive in giving us space in the project schedule to complete DIY projects (i.e. backsplash install, range hood install, duct work, and sink install). David, the Lead Carpenter, was also a pleasure to work with. Our final job amount was more than 1K below the original estimate. The overall job took between 6-7 weeks. The first phase was the porch. The original, smaller porch was demoed and an exposed aggregate, concrete slab was poured with an inset area for slate tile. Next was electric, framing, and roofing for the new, vaulted, covered porch. The door and windows were also installed during this time. Slate tile was installed and the installer made sure the multi-colored slate was not randomly placed but all tiles complemented the adjacent ones. Attention to detail, by integrating the roof soffit from the original roof to the porch and wrapped support posts that match the original siding, gives the illusion that the porch is actually part of the original house. The roof of the porch changed the roof-line, adding dimension to an otherwise bland front. This job updated the appearance and increased the curb appeal of our tired looking 1960s ranch Commercial and Residential. The kitchen was done concurrently with the porch. Electric was performed by adding 7 can lights, 2 island pendant lights, additional outlets, dimmers and under cabinet lighting. The dry waller not only patched the walls but skim coated over the popcorn ceiling. Beautiful white cabinets with frosted glass doors and crown molding were installed. Light-colored Silestone counters were installed within a week of template. We were planning to DIY install the sink but when it got too complicated Roman was able to fit in a plumber the very next day. The paint job for interior and exterior were done quickly and all paints matched our existing colors. As expected in any Commercial and Residential project, there were a few unforeseen complications and challenges that arose. What makes Budget Builders an exceptional company, is their willingness to communicate and find solutions to all challenges thrown our way. Each and every issue has been resolved with satisfaction on both sides. The other huge value add is Roman's ability to manage and work with any sub-contractors; making sure jobs are done correctly and on time. Bottom-line: Roman, of Budget Builders, was an invaluable asset in evaluating, estimating and executing on this entire Commercial and Residential project - even before breaking ground! Expectations have been exceeded and it would be a pleasure to work with Budget Builders on any future projects.”

    — Janiece Crow
  • "This company is the best, the owner is very wonderful and very caring. I have a special needs little girl and they were very caring and understanding about her needs. I have a BIG list of other work that I plan on having them do for me to upgrade my Commercial and Residential for her needs.”

    — Michelle Everts
  • "Kimball Construction far exceeded my expectations. The final amount even came in less than I was originally quoted. Very professional and I highly recommend them!”

    — Al Kline
  • "Thanks for the great work that you did, we are very pleased with the outcome. Thanks again!”

    — Richard and Peggy M.
    — Springfield, OR
  • "Roman and his team are fantastic! They accomplished the unimaginable by removing a load-bearing beam without significant impact to our lives. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the final project and plan to bring them back for an addition and bathroom remodel!”

    — Matthew Payne
  • "Roman had came out and and personally looked over and addressed the issues to the best of his abilities and made the necessary adjustments to augment the safety of a double amputee.”

    — Gary Yeager Sr
  • "As a former Auditor and an experienced Commercial and Residential owner, I approach everything in life, and especially "CONTRACTORS" with the attitude of "professional skepticism". Yeah yeah.. I read the stuff on Yelp and Google Review and I know many people who gloat about a business they've used and goes overboard. I've been thru many restaurants where people glorify them as the "GREATEST PLACE EVER!!" as merely.. meh. So you are not going to impress me, easily.. So let me get to the point on this Roman guy and his company and people. Bottomline, if are in Eugene / Springfield, and you don't use him for your Construction and Remodeling project, then you are S-T-U-P-I-D!! Budget builders the company is IMPRESSIVE! here is why: 1) make their promises in writing. 2) They KEEP the promises they made. 3) Starts work ON TIME 4) Finish work within the time frame promised. 5) finish work within the price quoted. Yeah, pretty simple aye?? Its funny that something this simple and yet most contractors cannot perform with the parameter. Budget Builders did a FANTASTIC job for the Bathroom tile and tub Construction and Remodeling. All the while I was out of town in Southern California. They utilize technologies and provided me with updated progress pictures on the construction in progress. They utilize technology and just provide a GREAT experience. I am sold on them and will use them for all my future kitchen Construction and Remodeling. Their price is the lowest quoted and the workmanship is EXCELLENT! Like I said.. if you don't use them... then feel free to burn your money. I hope this helps.”

    — Bernard Wang
    — Eugene, OR
  • "Roman,I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are on the new deck to the managers Commercial and Residential here at Springlane. The guys did an awesome job putting it up. They were very courteous, polite and very professional. You have now become our permanent contractors and have recommended you to our sister Parks. Our Bosses both in Bend and California stated how great the new deck looked. It is nice go out there and not worry about someone falling through the boards. Again thank you for a job very well done. Esther”

    — Esther C.
    — Springfield, OR
  • "These guys did a fantastic job on my bathroom remodel. I got exactly what I wanted and Roman was really great about working within my budget, too. I will definitely use them for my next project!”

    — S. Dunn
  • "Hi Bobby, we want to thank you for overseeing our bathroom cabinet installation project, and for sending out Ray and Noah. They were fast, professional, and very skilled. We will definitely go to your team for any future projects”

    — Debra Grasley
  • "Let me start first by saying that I am difficult client, for all and any service done at my house. I hired Roman and his crew first to perform some minor repairs around the exterior of the house ( fence, gate, deck ) , and to caulk the siding. I need to mention that I called four (4) contractors - to request a quote , and Roman responded to my call in the same day , and another contractor responded the day after - so - they tend to respond and actually come to give you a free estimate . Then, I changed the project, I removed some of the repairs, and I added a full exterior painting. Roman proved to be extremely patient, and he adapted to my changing needs for extending the scope of the project. The project went smooth, overall, even if with some delays. I liked the so called "punch list "- the implied warranty Kimball Construction provides to their clients. I took advantage of this , and I requested for Roman and his crew to return to cover some touch-ups in some really hard to see areas around the roof . They came promptly and addressed every single request I made, and , eventually , I was 100% satisfied with the results . My house looks almost like a new house now , and I am still doing visual inspections every now and then, and I cannot find any spots / touch ups or other fixes , on the exterior. Overall, I would give Kimball Construction and Roman a 4 stars rating, only because they had to honor their self proclaimed " punch list " . Would I hire Kimball Construction again, for other services at my house: yes, without any doubts”

    — Alin Hutanu
  • "Great design and great result... they listened to us about every little detail. Our deck is beautiful... magazine worthy and that's what we wanted.”

    — Becky N.
  • "Replaced shower with tile, replaced vanity, mirror, lighting. Tiled the bathroom floor. It was our first experience with a contractor for work inside of our house. It was a learning experience for us but Roman was patient and we are very satisfied with the results.”

    — Kristine Barker
  • "It was very easy to work with your team. They always arrived on time. Never wasted any time. Very efficient. Everything was done in a timely manner and any request we had were fulfilled. Thank you for making the remodel so easy.”

    — Marge B.
    — Eugene, OR
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