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The first time you contact us, we will ask a few simple questions about what you would like done. We will more than likely need to meet in person to get a better idea of the project, so we will set up a time to meet that works for you. It’s okay if you don’t know what questions to ask or have a good idea of what you want, were here to help.
A project manager will meet with you at your house/business, and they will take a look at your project with you and discuss options and budgets. This meeting usually lasts about an hour and can be scheduled around your availability.
Usually, when we first meet, our clients are in one of three phases: 1) They know what they want to do but do not have a formal set of plans. 2) They are working with an architect or designer to create a set of plans; however, the plans are not completed. 3) They are working with an architect or designer, and the plans are complete and ready to submit for a building permit. Depending on what phase you are in, we will offer one of the three options.
We use this option when you know what you want, but do not have a formal set of plans. We will prepare a basic set of drawings for you based on your ideas, which multiple builders can then submit estimates from. This is an excellent option because it costs relatively little, and makes sure that all of your estimates are comparing similar projects.
We use this option when you are working with an architect or designer; however, the plans are not completed. We will prepare an agreement to reserve a space on our production calendar so that we can start as soon as your plans are done. This is a great option because typical lead times for projects can be far in advance, so this cuts down on lead times significantly.
If your plans are done and ready for a permit, we will prepare a proposal with our bid for your project. If we previously had a design development or reservation agreement, we will credit the cost for those agreements towards the deposit for your project proposal. This is the last step before we start your project.
Between the time that we sign our proposal and start construction, we will provide you with a list of all finish selections which need to be selected, things like paint colors, flooring types, etc. While you are working on the finish selections, we will be working on the engineering, building permits, scheduling sub-contractors, and putting together material lists.
Every day that we work on your project, we will email you a progress report that shows what we did that day. You will also have a scheduled meeting with your project manager every week to discuss what we did last week, what we are going to do next week, and what decisions need to be made. There should be no surprises throughout your project; communication is essential to our success.
After we are substantially complete, your project manager will start working on a punch list of items that still need to be finished, he will also forward one to the owner to work on their own. Both lists will be reconciled into one complete list, and we will start working on those items. Once those items are mutually agreed to be resolved, the project will be finished!
After final completion, our accounting team will be working on reconciling any change orders, finish selections, and any credits or payments applied to your account. They will prepare a statement showing every change, and any balance or credits that are owed.
All of our projects come with a minimum of a one-year cosmetic warranty and a ten-year defect warranty. If anything should come up, we are here to resolve it ASAP for you!