Your First Contact With Us: The first time you contact us, we will ask a few simple questions about what you would like done. We will more than likely need to come and look at your house to get a better idea of the dimensions, so we will setup a time to meet that works for you. It’s okay if you don’t know what questions to ask or have a good idea of what you want, were here to help.

Your First Meeting With Us: A project manager will meet with you at your house and they will take a look at your project with you and discuss options and budgets. This meeting usually lasts about an hour and can be scheduled around your availability.

Estimate Submission: Because there are a lot of factors with estimates, it takes time to prepare them. Within one to three business days of your first meeting, your project manager will e-mail or call you with an estimated price and timeline of when construction can start.

Estimate Update: It’s very common for projects to get updated as they go. Whether you want to change just a color or the entire design, this is a great time to speak with your project manager about your ideas.

Sign paperwork / Schedule Project: Once we have a good plan in place, and you feel comfortable, we can sign the paperwork and schedule construction. At this point a deposit on the project is due which is typically between 10%-30%.

Project Begins: Your project manger will remind you the day before work begins. During construction we will need to have access to the area of your home we will be working on and that’s it. If you have any issues or questions during this time, you can always ask the lead carpenter on site, or speak with your project manager.

Project Ends: During construction, your project manager will give you updates to the project and completion date. When we finish our work, we will clean everything up, and take pictures. Your project manager will sit down with you and go over your warranty and answer any questions you may have. At this point the remainder of the project will need to be paid for.

Follow Up: We will follow up with you two weeks after we complete your project to make sure you are still happy with everything. If you find any items you would like corrected, we will be more than happy to fix them for you at this time.

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