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City Nails - Eugene, OR

City Nails is now open for business! We are pleased to have completed this Tenant Improvement project and to see a new tenant happily serving customers. City Nails provides professional nail care services, and we are confident that they will be a success in their new location. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this project, including the construction team, City Nails staff, and the landlords. We are proud to have worked together to create a beautiful space that will contribute to the vibrancy of the city. Thank you also to our customers for your patience during construction. We are thrilled they are now able to offer you this valuable service in a convenient location. We know you will be as satisfied with City Nails as we are!

Scope of Project

Kimball Construction started by advising the client on finishes to meet their budget. We then demolished an existing tenant’s space and then built the following: Steel stud walls, plumbing, electrical, extensive HVAC, drywall, paint, custom cabinets, epoxy floors, granite countertops, laminate countertops, custom millwork, architectural pieces, custom metal pieces, custom branded artwork, custom signage, install FF&E. In addition to this, we also performed deferred maintenance on the building for the landlord.

July, 2020
City Nails
Eugene, OR
Approximately 6,000 SF

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