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Realtor Referral Program

How Our Realtor Referral Program Works

Kimball Construction partners with real estate professionals to build some of the best houses in Oregon. Through this partnership, Kimball is able to build trust with their clients, and Realtors are able to not only sell more homes but also earn a 3% commission on the improvements, not just the listing price!


  • All new construction homes qualify.
  • All additions and remodels over $100,000 qualify

Submitting Referrals

Submitting is easy, just enter your information in the submittal form below.

Receiving Payment

Referral fees are paid within 30 days of construction commencement.


  • Call 541.357.7837 ext 1
  • Email roman@kimballconstruciton.com

"The nicest thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side."

-Margaret Carty

Terms & Conditions

  1. Referred clients must sign a construction contract with Kimball Construction. No fees will be paid under any circumstances unless the client actually builds a house with Kimball Construction.
  2. Kimball Construction performs design services and sells house plans. Referral fees are only paid if those clients convert their design agreement into a construction agreement.
  3. Projects must consist of new homes or additions/remodels over $100,000 in Kimball’s base price contract.
  4. Referrals must be registered before prior to the customer contacting Kimball Construction.
  5. Referring agent must participate in an initial Kimball Construction meeting with the client. 
  6. Kimball Construction reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time without notice or obligation.
  7. Must be a currently licensed real estate professional in good standing.
  8. *By submitting information in the form above, you agree to the above terms.
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