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RE/MAX Real estate tenant improvement

This project came to us through one of our architecture partners. 

The client needed to update their third-floor office space to adapt to new trends in workplace amenities. Kimball Construction began by removing and existing 5,300 SF office space and then installing all-new framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fire sprinklers, and interior finishes. Kimball was able to manage multiple stakeholders on this project including the owner, the architect, the building owner, the building tenants, the owner’s employees, and over 30 sub-contractors. Through this management, we completed the project on time, on budget, and with great results

Scope of Project

Remove existing office space consisting of over 200 yards of debris in one weekend on the third floor of an occupied building, steel stud framing, all new HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire suppression, plaster, paint, tile, carpet, custom cabinets, custom quartz countertops, custom soffits, and architectural details, custom artwork, multimedia and presentation control wiring, custom doors, custom light fixtures,  custom metal work, custom glazing. In addition to this, 

Are you looking to complete your own Tenant Improvement project? Kimball construction has a team that has completed dozens of Tenant Improvement projects, from as small as an ice cream shop to as large as a 60-seat nail salon! We have worked with many architects and business owners and can help with everything from recommending an architect for your design to moving in. 

January, 2019
RE/MAX Real Estate
Salem, OR
Approximately 5,300 SF

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